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November 14, 2016


Today, I planned to wear something out of my regular wardrobe. I have always wanted to wear a tutu skirt, but just never had the courage to wear one. But what’s stopping me? I couldn’t think of a reason so I decided to go for it and have fun! Just like what Carrie Bradshaw did in that Sex and the City episode, only this time I am taking this Tutu to the park.


I had so much fun with this dress, it feels so chic and at the same time I feel like a kid living in a carefree world that couldn’t care less about what others think. I took my time walking in the park, and I love the reaction I get from the little girls and the smile from the people around me.


Dress up, show up, and share your glow with the rest of the world.

My husband took some fun shots, and there were times I tried to pose like a ballerina. I couldn’t perfect it, just because I never had any first-hand experience with ballet dancing. But I had fun trying!


I am an island girl who spent most of my colorful life in the turquoise blue water and white sand. With persistence, I think I did ok (you judge).  My husband says “maintain your composure even if you’re falling, just have fun.” I love his advice and how it parallels to our daily lives.


The river was beautiful. I decided to remove my stilettos and dip my toes into the cold water. It took few attempts to get the first step without falling. It is a simple reminder that it is never too late to follow your dreams and what your heart desires even if the stream of the river is against your flow. Just brave that first step. xoxo


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Great post and your outfit is just as adorable as you! I want an excuse to wear something like this!

Reply to Sarah-Daye

Hi Sara. I would love to see you on a tutu skirt. You will rock this! xoxo

You're adorable and the tutu looks so cute on you! I always love seeing your posts. Bonus points for walking on that bridge in those heels without one poking through. lol xoxo, erin | sandsunandmessybuns.com

Reply to Erin

I love tutu skirts too! I got one a couple years ago and I'm always smiling while wearing it. I was scared to wear mine at first too! Caitlyn | www.collegewithcaitlyn.com

Reply to Caitlyn

The skirt is so cute! Loved the photo shoot

Reply to Baia

You look amazing, and what a fun outfit!! How could you not be in a great mood wearing it?!

Reply to Patricia

this is the cutest outfit! love the tutu and ballet inspired look! http://www.layersofchic.com

Reply to Mary

You look so cute! Thanks for inspiring me to do things that will make me smile, regardless of what I'm afraid others may or may not think. You never actually know!

Reply to Emmi

Beautiful photos and I love the pink tutu! :)

Reply to cara

You are stunning and look amazing in that tutu! Congrats on getting out of your comfort zone and flaunting your style and happiness. These are great shots are your words are inspiring. :) xoxo

Reply to Lauren

Your outfit reminds me so much of opening song of the Sex and the City where Carrie is wearing a tutu around New York. I have to say, I like your outfit better!

Reply to Jennifer

Love how you dressed up a tutu with some sexy stilettos!

Reply to Lydia@LifeUntraveled

Love this outfit! The pink tulle skirt with the black top is a perfect combo! One Awesome Momma

Reply to Belle

Very pretty and great reminder :)

Reply to marvina

You look very pretty and dreams are important no matter how old you are and you should always believe in them. Thanks for the reminder. :)

Reply to marvina

You look so gorgeous in this outfit! That tulle is so cute on you and I love the butterfly wings for that extra magic! http://www.bunnybernice.com/single-post/2016/11/14/Opalescence-Go-Review

Reply to Bernice

What a fun post & such a cute dress!

Reply to Lori
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