Breaking the No White Rule.

September 5, 2016


Once upon a time there was a rule. The “no white” rule after the Labor Day. In the period of late 1800s, the high society millionaire wives, maybe to the point snooty fashionista are serious about this rule. Or else…. Or else… You don’t belong to the upper class and you will be excluded…  White color is best for a summer look, because of its cooler appeal and look. While it make sense to wear this color in hot weather, it is best just not to wear it during the colder months of this era unless you are willing to take the repercussion of being ignored in the fashion world.


photography by Brian Mattinson

While this rule was just established by group of women long time ago; This rule has somewhat adopted from generations to generations. As not wearing white is perceived to be the end of summer, and getting ready for the transition to fall. Make sense right? But not today…. Even Coco Chanel wore white year-round… So like Coco, I am wearing white. Just because I am feeling this color today.


White is a color of perfection , cleanliness, and purity. It is the color that represents a new beginning. It gives that sense of wholeness and completion.  This probably explains why brides look so peaceful , serene and  stunningly beautiful in whites.


As I take this white dress on a stroll in downtown Green Bay, the beginning of football season is here (where people wear RED for the Badgers and Green for Packers). I absolutely feel like I belong. I belong to the world of fashion I call my own.


Rules sometimes are meant to control  your power to go further and stand out from the crowd. So, when you try to challenge rules it somehow gives you that confidence and power to get yourself back. So dance with it and represent who you are and what you are.  Be fearless!!!! Xoxo….

This dress is no longer available but here are variety of white dress design options that will surely make you absolutely gorgeous. 




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This dress is so perfect on you! I love it but I rarely find the time to get stuck into a good book! I love finding lovely new blogs like yours to read, you should be so proud.. keep up the great work! x adelelydia.blogspot.com

Reply to adele

Hi Adele. Thank you so much for the compliment and thank you for stopping by.

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