Chic Way to Wear a Skirt in the Winter

December 28, 2016


I am really excited to tell you about my recent collaboration with VIPme.com.  They generously gifted me this gorgeous two-piece dress just in time for the holidays. My husband and I decided to take a stroll in the park on this sunny day and we enjoyed getting out and stretching our legs after being cooped up inside over the Christmas weekend.

I was pleasantly surprised with how warm this outfit was even with my bare legs.  On a cooler day, you could totally pull this off with some legging and boots if you’re in the mood to wear a skirt.  If you’re like me then after a week or two of wearing pants you’re ready to put on a skirt or a dress and feel pretty!

I had a lot of fun with the wind and this Aline skirt! It is playful and polished for a night out while still being modest enough for family gatherings.

The batwing long sleeve sweater is thick enough to keep my torso warm in 30something degree weather and wasn’t bulky.  It has a smooth, loose fit that is also convenient if you ate too much like me over the holidays, haha!

If you decide to check out VIPme.com be sure to use my coupon code: “Meileilan459” to get $5 off on orders over $50. They have some great New Years and Anniversary specials going on right now.

Overall, I enjoyed this little time off with just me and my husband.  Looking back, I never thought I would get to see a white Christmas first hand.  But here I am living in a winter wonderland! Each time I see snow it reminds me of the courage it took to make the bold decision to move from a tropical country to the beautiful USA.  I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and let me leave you with this quote:

                “Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality.”   – Aster and Richter Abends


Two-Piece Dress by VIPme.com (Coupon Code: Meileilan459) | Navy Red Shoes by Sole Society

Similar Brown Shoes by Sole Society | All the Way Up Legging Idea | Over the Knee Legging Idea

Photographed by Brian Mattinson

Category: Outfits

Color: Blue Green Red

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You look lovely and you have incredible style! You are so RADIANT!

Reply to Cathy

Thank you, Cathy! I really appreciate your kind words. I hope you have a great day and Happy New Year! Radiance comes from within!

such a cute skirt - i love an A Line!

Reply to amanda

It really is a fun skirt....it's been so long since I've worn an A line like this and it is a perfect holiday outfit. Thank you so much for visiting Amanda and Happy New Year!

such a cute skirt, love the print and your sweater! http://www.layersofchic.com

Reply to Mary

Thank you, Mary! I love the your page- you look gorgeous!

This is cute! I can't believe you weren't freezing! Molly and Stacie

Reply to Molly

Hi Molly! You know it wasn't that bad although truthfully I probably would have been more comfortable with some leggings on with this. Thanks for visiting and I love those sunglasses on your latest post I'll have to check those out!

So pretty! I love that skirt. And these pictures are stunning!

Reply to Elaine

Elaine, thank you! That'll make my husband happy! Happy New Year!

Skirts are for sure my gulity pleasure this winter..Love you look, and this skirt is so nice xo www.theninebyivana.blogspot.com

Reply to Ivana

Hi Ivana! I love love love that green velvet skirt on your home page!! You look great and I'll have to check that one out! Thank you for visiting and Happy New Year!

What a fun skirt and cute outfit! The shoes are adorable.

Reply to Madeline

Madeline thank you! I know I love the red and blue shoes from Sole Society. They're one of my new favs that I'll be reusing soon!

I still love to wear skirts in the winter over most people wearing slacks all the time. Beautiful looking skirt love the colors.

Reply to candy

Wearing skirts in the winter is tricky sometimes but this is a super cute look! Love that you added the gloves!

Reply to Brittany

Hi Brittany- the gloves were necessary :) but they were fun and this outfit was easy to pull things out of the closet to match. Have a Happy New Year!

What an adorable outfit ! I never wear A-lines anymore but this one is super cute and totally by style. I gotta check it out

Reply to Sharon

Thank you, Sharon! This was a really fun outfit to tryout as I haven't worn too many A-lines before this one. We had a great time doing it. Thank you for visiting and Happy New Year!

This is so cute! What a fun holiday look. I adore your printed skirt! xo Ashley

Reply to Ashley

Thank you, Ashley! I really had a lot of fun with the wind and this skirt! Thank you for visiting!

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