Color Block Party: 3 Tips for Color Blocking

May 7, 2017


Hi Guys,

I am again bringing you a burst of color to your Sunday Funday!  Let’s talk about color blocking….one of my favorite designs that I believe is here to stay. Color blocking is wearing multiple solid colors in an outfit….usually bold and bright shades that result in a simple, chic look.

With Spring in the air, now is the best time of year to experiment with this fun fashion trend.  Here are my simple tips and advice to wearing a color blocked dress:

  1. Keep your make up Plain and simple. Do not use heavy color palettes for makeup. Keep it simple and stick to neutral tones. Remember, less is more for this look because your outfit will do most of the talking. Your makeup should be light and soft to let the freshness on your face shine.
  2. Wear Neutral accessories. If you are wearing a bright colored block dress, then you want the dress to be what stands out the most. So, choose neutral color items for your clutch/purse, earrings, and shoes. I generally go for nude or white colors for less eye distraction.
  3. Wear your confidence. Blocking colors can be intimidating sometimes in a room full of black and white. Do not be afraid to show off your colors, your vibrancy, energy, and mood.  Own that dress and have that day be your own run way.

“Don’t be afraid of being different, be afraid of being the same as everyone else”- unknown


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I am so in love with this outfit! Suvh a beautiful colors combination! You look great

Reply to MaryAnne

Apply for guys too? Lol nice write up. Keep up the good work!

Reply to Myron

You look amazing! Thanks for demonstrating and explaining color blocking! I have just lately been stepping out in bold colors!

Reply to Christy

This is super useful! I'm always afraid to wear big, bold, block colours. I guess colour blocking could be done with more neutral colours as well though?

Reply to Charlie
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