Let’s Go and See the Beautiful Tennessee

October 8, 2016


Hi beautiful. It is Saturday in October so here I am sipping my pumpkin latte, super excited to tell you about my recent trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I have been working crazy hours these past few weeks and decided for my sanity that it was time to take a mini-vaca. If you live in Wisconsin like me, days of warmth and sunshine are treated like gold…especially as the brutal winter months begin to creep closer. So seeing what could be the last opportunity to get some sun (and my last non-salon tan of the season) I decided to get away from the hustle and bustle of work life for one last hoorah.


I have a special place in my heart for the southern part of this country. I definitely know I reach my destination when I start hearing that certain southern twang that sounds like music to my ears. The scenic view on this road trip is unbelievably beautiful… we picked the absolute perfect time to join the south in their farewell to summer. We ended up stopping more than once to just get out of the car and look around us, take it all in, to really bask in the surreal beauty of Mother Nature. It is a little reminder to stop and smell the roses, so to speak, and remember how fortunate we are to live in such an incredible place.



We decided to play the tourist a bit and made some stops at the various tourist locations. But honestly, my favorite part about the trip was experiencing the many small towns along the way. And let’s hear it for supporting local American businesses! The Morning Mist Village  was one of my favorites, as it was fully decorated for the fall season, so freakin adorable! Pumpkins were everywhere. Of course I had to get a photo with me sitting in this big pumpkin when no one was looking. I’m  just sneaky like that!

_dsc0262The village is sprinkled with arts, crafts, antique shops and pottery stores. It was so much fun going through some of their distinctively handmade designs and really getting a feel for the local colors._dsc0258

Connecting with residents and family-owned business made me understand what makes this place so unique. The stores and decorations were amazing, yes, but it was truly the people that gave this town its character. Not to mention, the first-hand experience of southern hospitality and genuine love from the locals._dsc0274


I ended up getting two mugs from Alewine Pottery. I truly adore the mug- not just how cozy it looks but because it was made by someone who has passion and love of art, who truly put their soul and creativity into their pieces.




This short and spontaneous getaway experience has given us another life lesson. Making a journey with an open schedule has reminded us to keep an open mind, be flexible, and to not get too bogged down by the daily grind… xoxo

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such a good thing to get away every now and then! this looks like a great getaway!

Reply to lorrin

Tennessee looks like such a fun spot to travel to! I've never really considered it a travel destination but I think I may have to now!

Reply to Our

Gorgeous views and I love the arts and crafts stores! I need to add this to my travel bucket list!

Reply to littleslifeandlaughter

The views look gorgeous. I hope to visit there soon. P.S.- love your denim dress.

Reply to Jenine
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