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April 30, 2017


Photography by Brian Mattinson

I am really excited to announce that you can now shop my Instagram posts straight from your e-mail or through their iPhone app by taking a screenshot. I am sure that some of you heard about liketoknow.it.  It is a convenient way to shop my Instagram content without having to visit my website. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up at liketoknow.it or download the app onto your phone.
  2. Once you are signed up. Go to my Instagram posts that have a “liketoknow.it” link. Then, simply like the picture and my outfit details will be sent through your email in minutes.
  3. Or, if you are like me and sometimes it takes a while to catch up with email, then the liketoknow.it app is for you.  Any screen shot of my Instagram posts with the hashtag #liketoknow.it will automatically show the details of my outfit in the app on your phone. It will be saved to your “my likes” and you can always check it out later and shop at your convenience.

Here is a video on how it works if you want to learn more:

PS: This white tiered ruffle dress is on sale for $66.  I like how soft the fabric is and the lace overlay. I highly recommend this dress for a cocktail affair or any summer outdoor events. xoxo

Category: Outfits

Color: Neutrals Pink

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Gorgeous pop of color with that clutch! I love how it contrasts the white dainty dress! It beautiful and these are wonderful shots!

Reply to Kara

Hi Kara. Thank you so much. My husband really takes good picture. Thank you for showing love on my page :)

What a cute dress! I hardly ever wear dresses. I should expand my horizons!

Reply to Kate

Hi Kate. Thank you. i am sure you'll look gorgeous in any style of dress :) Appreciate you reading my page.

Love love! The colors on this post and your outfit. :) Didn't know about liketoknowit, now I do :D Following you for fashion-advice in the future ;)

Reply to Divya:

Thank you so much for following my page. I really love reading your adventure. Yes! definitely you can ask me anything. or we can shop together :)

Love the dress and colorful walls! Didn't know about liketoknowit, signing up for it right now ;)

Reply to Divya:

I love that dress! It looks so beautiful on you! Very chic and I love the design on it! It's this simple elegance!

Reply to katriza

Hi Katriza thank you for being so kind. :) I really had fun wearing this outfit :)

I love love love that dress! Those bright accessories really pop against it too

Reply to Tania

Hi Tania. i love bright accessories and these are definitely my favorites. :)

You look like you are rocking that attire! Love all the colours of the blog!

Reply to Melanie

Hi Melanie. Than you. :)

This app is so convenient and I'm glad you explained what it was because I've seen it a lot on IG and had an idea, but you definitely gave the whole glance. Love your pictures.

Reply to PrincesssMiiaa

Hi Miaa. Yeah you should check it out, your blog really looks good. This will allow your reader to shop from your instagram post.

You are radiant! I absolutely love the colors on your blog! Great post!

Reply to Kayla
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