Three Reasons to Love the Little Black Dress

April 15, 2017


My wedding anniversary is coming soon, yay! More on that later…. but while my husband gets busy searching for a perfect place for a night out, I instinctively turn to the closet and look for that little black dress. There are so many reasons why the LBD will always be a favorite in my colorful closet. Let me share you my three main ones:

1. They are Timeless.  One of the best ways to save money is to invest in timeless pieces because you won’t need to replace them anytime soon. Black dresses will never go out of style. Their versatility and appeal have firmly stood the test of time. Depending on the occasion, you can achieve several looks from classy to casual by dressing up or down your shoes, purse, and accessories. I let my shoes and jewelry do the talking.

2. “One is Never Overdressed or Underdressed with a Little Black Dress.” – Karl Lagerfeld – The LBD is effortless.  I do not need to worry about mixing and matching colors. Whether I’m in a hurry trying to catch up with my girlfriends for lunch or a night out with my husband, I know I still look sleek and chic. Oh, and bonus points for it hides food stains which comes in handy if you’re like me, lol!

3. How about that slimming effect? Ahhh! This black dress does the trick. It definitely gets you looking a couple of sizes down. It flatters any body figure and creates the illusion of a smaller figure because the black color does not reflect light. So, it’s perfect for hiding some of those bumps that we want to remain hidden.

P.S. go Cubs for all you Chicago fans out there!

So if you don’t have one yet, maybe it’s time to grab one 😀 let’s see what kind of effect it does to you. One thing I’m sure of…..you my friend will absolutely look fabulous . ❤ xoxo

“Dress Shabbily and they remember the dress.  Dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” – Coco Chanel

“Let’s do what we love and do a lot of it.” – Marc Jacobs

Photography by Brian Mattinson


Mural Location: 1865 N Damen Ave. Chicago, IL 60647 by Matthew Hoffman

Category: Outfits

Color: Black

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Your dress is very pretty, I love that style and design. Love your shoes.

Reply to Anna

Love the dress and you are sooo right about a lbd! What an awesome place to shoot your photos as well!

Reply to Mel

What a gorgeous black dress... I love the unique design! =) - Cielo Mermaid in Heels

Reply to Cielo

I can't live without a LBD. This dress looks darling on you. http://doreensstylediary.com

Reply to Doreen's

Oh wow, I love those shoes! They are so cute! This post is awesome, I love it!

Reply to Whimsy

Sure! the Little Black Dress is a classic, and looks great. Us guys where black shirts for the same reasons - especially if we gained a few pounds and dont looks so good (temporarily) in a white tight shirt

Reply to Geoffrey

Yes! every woman should own a LBD that makes them feel invincible! xox, Christie http://icanstyleu.com/blog/

Reply to Christie

i live here and had no idea this mural existed! definitely adding this to my bucket list! thanks for sharing!!

Reply to Payton

Such a great look and those murals are so fun! Molly and Stacie

Reply to Molly
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