Three Reasons Why I Love OTK Boots

December 11, 2016


Hi, Guys.

It has been gloomy the past few days.  Surprisingly, the sun popped out bright and early today. Nothing makes me happier than just being out chasing the sun with my Instagram husband who is also my acting paparazzi, haha!

Anyway, I dug into my closet to find my most versatile piece for a head turning Fall look—the Over the Knee Boots. These are three reasons why I love these OTK boots:

  1. They make you look taller-

For a petite girl like me, it is sometimes a struggle to find something that gives the illusion of looking taller that I’m willing to wear when it is cold. The added bonus is they’re way more comfortable than high heels with all the extra support you get from the boots gripping your legs.  Just make sure that the dress and the boots are about 3-4 inches in between.  Now, if you are already tall and do not want the added height then simply choose no heel boots (click for no heel boot ideas).  Or, you should check out some heeled options here.

  1. The right ones can make you look slimmer-

The neutral tone (Taupe, Nude, or Gray) has that slimming effect that makes your legs look longer. It does help that these boots have a tie in the back that let you adjust to a more fitted look. I prefer boots with a tie also because it helps keep them from falling down throughout the day.  It covers your entire leg, keeps you warm, and gives you a sexy, sophisticated look. Check out these slimming boots from Chinese Laundry for more ideas (a lot of them have ties!).

  1. They make me feel powerful-

This part I guess is all in the mind. I love the confidence I get from wearing this style. I can definitely say that this will be one of my favorite “go to” holiday styles. The added height, slimmer look, and the overall feeling of wearing this dress is what’s giving me the CONFIDENCE to walk around and be myself. Need a statement outfit to go with your OTK boots? Check out some of my favorite red dresses from Lulus.

There is no age limit to rocking a fall and winter outfit for holiday festivities. All you need is a powerful piece in your closet.  Powerful to me means CONFIDENCE and that is the sexiest thing you can wear to any event. So, if you are wondering still what to wear…. You probably already have something in your closet… try it on and check yourself in the mirror and see yourself with confidence.

“If you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you do good.” – Georges St-Pierre

Merry Christmas from Mei! 🙂

Dress by Romeo+Juliet | Scarf by Vince Camuto | Handbag by Betsey Johnson

Photographed by Brian Mattinson

Category: Street Style

Color: Neutrals Purple Red

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You look super gorgeous! The boots are amazing, looks very very elegant and classy. X Nadine Cathleen | Karateandcaviar.com

Reply to Nadine

i love OTK boots, can't live without them! http://www.layersofchic.com

Reply to Mary

I love the look of OTK boots but haven't been able to get any yet. They are gorgeous!

Reply to Sara

I have got to get mine to work. These look so awesome on you. I am not sure how to make mine work because I am bit bigger through the legs.

Reply to Heather

What a great look! I love it -- and love what you've said about them making you look taller (I can use all the help I can get)!

Reply to Patricia

I love love love this look! You look super war but also sophisticated. Perfect for the office or for going out.

Reply to Sharon

I've been falling in love with the over the knee boots, but didn't really know how I would put it together. The outfit looks beautiful and so comfy at the same time!

Reply to Jen

Hi, Jen. I just checked your page. You are gorgeous! OTK boots can go with anything. Can be jeans, shorts, skirt, or a Dress. If you go with neutral colors or black you can absolutely wear anything with it. You are stunning and with no doubt, you can rock this.

HI Jessica. Thank you for agreeing with me. I love this season, it is fun to wear something warm and cozy at the same time fashionable. xoxo

Reply to Meileilan

You are killin' it in those OTK boots! That color looks fab with this dress. Great combo. I agree with you, OTK boots def make you look taller and slimmer. Such a fun trend this season!

Reply to Jessica

Your outfit is just beautiful and I love your style! I so agree about age and style.,,! Valerie

Reply to val

Hi Val, thank you so much for reading my blog. Yes! anyone and everyone can rock this outfit. I absolutely love seeing people walking with confidence and owning their style. xoxo

I love those boots (& your outfit!) I totally agree that there is something about over the knee boots that make you feel powerful! Loved this! <3

Reply to Emily

Hi Emily, thanks for agreeing with me. I love love your page as well. xoxo

I love this! I have a pair of brown OTK boots, but I don't like them that much because the shade of brown they are, so I ordered a pair of gray ones. I can't wait to get them in the mail! Caitlyn | www.collegewithcaitlyn.com

Reply to Caitlyn

Hi Caitlyn, I am excited about your gray boots. I wish I could see you wearing this, but I have all the confidence that you will look absolutely stunning wearing it. You got it girl! xoxo

The more that I see OTK boots, the more that I love them. They strike me as a power statement, something for strong confident women. I absolutely need a pair! Love this post.

Reply to Erica

Hi Erica, With no doubt you will totally rock! Thanks for agreeing with me as a power statement. I can see you walking around with it with the radiance of confidence and beauty.

Gorgeous! I have been loving OTK boots, too. I'm waiting until after this pregnancy to get some and I can't wait to rock them all spring :)

Reply to suzanne

Hi Suzanne, Congratulations on your pregnancy. I am pretty sure you will look Gorgeous and stunning wearing OTK boots with a baby bump. I have seen a lot of pregnant Fashionista doing it and I am just in awe how beautiful they look.

All these facts are true, my mom first of all refused to buy OTK boots from Stuart Weitzman, they are apsolutely amazing and you look taller and thinner. Now I just can't get her off those boots. Amazing photos. I really like your style! Best, Marko

Reply to Mr.M

Number 2 is one I hadn't even thought of! I'm going to need some taupe over-the-knee boots ASAP! (I've been wearing black!)

Reply to Maggie

Over-the-knee boots are so cute and you rock them! I don't own any because I am already pretty tall for a girl so I don't really need anything to make me look taller. I have a lot of to-the-knee boots. I also just have muscular legs so they don't fit me right. I'm so jealous of how well you wear them though! You keep rocking those boots, girl!

Reply to Lauren

Hi Lauren, I can totally see you rocking a flat OTK boots. Do you know muscular legs are sexy? I am working out a lot to get muscles on my legs. It's tough! So I'm jealous of you :)

I don't have pair (yet) but can definitely agree they would make me feel more powerful! It's like a power suit times 10

Reply to Sarah

Hi Sarah, I have no doubt you will rock it! Thank you for agreeing with me. xoxo

I love otk boots as well! Love the color of your dress by the way! Belle | One Awesome Momma

Reply to Belle

Hi Belle, i love color like this too. Between red and purple are just a perfect mix. Thank you

Love that style of boots and the dress is really pretty, too! Great pictures.

Reply to Kimberly

Hi Kim, thank you for stopping by my page. My husband took all those pictures and he loves it when someone compliments his photography. Thank you again

YASS, I totally feel you I'm so happy winter is here, you finally get to wear them!

Reply to Neha

HI Neha. I know, it is so fun when season change and we get to explore different style. Thank you for reading my blog. xoxo

You freshened and brightened the fall weather. Almost seemed like spring in december. Perfect colors and just loved how you put it together. Great shoot and outfit this week!

Reply to Grace

Grace thank you for your kind words. I miss you and I am looking forward to seeing you soon and let's play dress up. Bringing up the old days ;)

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