Philippines Trip Day 4 Video: Welcome to El Nido, Palawan

June 27, 2017


Hi Friends,

It’s summer time! And now is the best time to get out there to get some sun and listen to the waves of the ocean. I love exploring new places and always being on the go. I realized that before my feet travel any further…. I wanted to go back to my roots. Earlier this year, I decided to go back to the country where I was born, to where my past has taught me to be resilient and the present reminds me to live life one day at a time.

So everyone, welcome to my country – the Philippines! I’m about to show you a glimpse of my first day in El Nido, Philippines on the beautiful Palawan island.

This is only day one of my travel to El Nido and I have even more to share with you from this amazing place. Getting here is not the easiest trip, but it is well worth the effort to be able to take in these breathtaking views!

The most common way is to fly from Manila Airport (MNL) to Puerto Princesa Airport (PPS / PPIA) for about one hour, and from there it is about a 5 hour drive to get to the beach. As soon as we got there, we are all stunned by the amazing views. I am no longer looking into the paintings of my dreams. This is it! The beautiful exotic paradise is right in front of me and I am finally crossing this place off of my travel bucket list.

We arrived later in the afternoon around 5pm. The sun was starting to set by that time and we were ready to devour the island food and get some cocktails. Shortly after that, my friends and family decided to go back to hotel to get some much needed sleep for our next day adventures. But I couldn’t resist.. I had to film this short video so I could share it with you. I hope you enjoy the glimpse of this island.

On my next video I will be showing more of the islands that make up the Palawan Archipelago. I’ll also be sharing more images from our travels to El Nido to give you a better idea as to why this island has twice been voted the ‘Best Island in the World’ by travelers.  Stay tuned and be sure to subscribe to get updates on my next video.

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” –Susan Sontag

 Photography by Blaze Sy

Videography by Fridge Multimedia

Check out my other videos from the trip:




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What a beautiful destination! It looks so relaxing: I could use that right now.

Reply to Renee

This is a gorgeous place. You are so lucky to live here. I guess everybody has some kind of beauty where they live, but this is much beyond beautiful!

Reply to Dawn

El Nido looks amazing! That water just looks gorgeous. It has definitely made my list of future travel destinations.

Reply to Cassie

Wow I'm so jealous! I just got back from vacation and now you're making me want to go right back! All of your pictures are absolutely beautiful!

Reply to Brittany

I have been hearing a lot of things about El Nido and friends keep recommending them too! I think it's about time that I saw it for myself. It sounds so beautiful and amazing!

Reply to Amanda

Wow! This is absolutely gorgeous. What a destination. I had never heard of El Nido before. It looks really lovely and relaxing!

Reply to Jeanine

The best place I had ever been is El Nido, next is the Alps of Switzerland. It is the best ever because it is truly magical! The view back then was breath taking. It was kind of I was lost in the ancient times of Adam and Eve. It was like an untouched nature with its perfection!

Reply to Natasha

This seems like a gorgeous destination to visit. Hopefully we will be able to visit Asia soon.

Reply to Anvita

Wow, this is stunning. I've never had the phillipines on my travel bucket list but you're making me want to visit!

Reply to Heather

What a gorgeous location to go exploring and to get away from it all. It's so exciting that you got to cross this place off your bucket list.

Reply to Cindy

It looks like an amazing vacation spot! I love to find out of the way places to visit - and a 5 hour drive definitely fits the bill for that! Can't wait to see more of your trip!

Reply to Heather

Ahh this gets me excited to go home next year! Alix | apintsizedlifeblog.com

Reply to Alix

This looks like a truly beautiful place and what stunning photos too! Definitely one for my bucket list.

Reply to Jean

Wow the Philippines look stunning, definitely somewhere on my never ending bucket list of places to visit x

Reply to Rhian

Where you were in the Philippines was so breathtakingly beautiful. Would love to go there some day. Glad you got to cross it off your bucket list!

Reply to Erica

I miss the Philippines! My friends and I went on vacation in Palawan a few years ago and it was (still is) so beautiful. Your post makes me want to go back soon!

Reply to Joline

How beautiful!! Looks like you had an amazing trip!

Reply to Carly

Wow these pictures are amazing and beautiful! I've never been but I would love to go!

Reply to Kristina

Wow, that place looks amazing. I would love to go there one day! Thanks for sharing those awesome pics.

Reply to Amber

I will always love the beach. I'm sure you had an amazing time there. El Nido is so beautiful and it is worth going to. Hope to experience it someday! I totally enjoyed the video!

Reply to Karen

this looks like an incredible place to visit, it looks absolutely gorgeous and the food looks amazing. I've wanted to go to the Philippines there food is incredible.

Reply to andrea

My gosh this looks absolutely breathtaking! Have never been to the Philippines but it is definitely on the list and even more so now that I've seen these gorgeous photos!

Reply to Cassie

A friend from a long ago was from the Phillipines. She used to tell me, You need to see for yourself, my home is beautiful. Turns out, she was right. Thanks for sharing this beauty.

Reply to Terri

This place is absolutely gorgeous and I love your outfit!

Reply to Kate

Wowowowow! What amazing color in the food, the island, the water. Definitely going to have to move the Philippines to the top of my travel list!

Reply to Christina

Your images are AMAZING! Also it looks like you had an amazing trip, now I want to go! xx, Flaunt and Center

Reply to tiffany

Oh wow! What a wonderful trip. The photos are gorgeous! I've never been to the Philippines but this makes me want to visit!

Reply to Allison

These are amazing photos! I'm so jealous! I've always wanted to visit the Philippines!

Reply to Karen

This is too beautiful! The video, the photos, and your outfit! You're an inspiration to new bloggers like me, Kabayan. I have always wanted to go to Palawan as well. Seeing photos of tourists on Instagram made me appreciate and miss the Philippines more.

Reply to Bianca

That looks like such a lovely place to visit. I have always wanted to go to the Philippines. Your photos are gorgeous.

Reply to robin

Hi Robin. Philippines is such a great country, , i believe we have more than 7,000 beautiful islands.I wish i could show it all :)

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