Pretty in Pink Dresses for Spring

April 18, 2017


Hi Friends,

We are back in Green Bay after being on the road for a few days visiting family. It is exhausting to do the planning and driving when traveling, yet the sense of satisfaction from being with people that matter makes it all worthwhile. In this fast paced and hectic life we all live, it is important to remind ourselves of the real priorities.  As family grow, we go through different struggles, directions, and take our own paths. The further we go, the easier it is to get disconnected from your roots. Let each day be a reminder to not let time (or lack thereof ) be an excuse for losing touch to that branch of the tree that keeps you connected.

As my husband and I start our family unit, we talk about things that we will continuously work on together. To slow down and savor each precious moment as we grow together. Today, we decided to go out in the park and enjoy the fresh air. We stopped by our local florist, Schroeder’s Flowers, and picked up some Easter flowers. They were a perfect burst of freshness and added a pop of color to an otherwise overcast day.

“The only rock I know that stays steady, the only institution I know that works, is the family.” – Lee Iacocca

I want to thank VIPme.com for gifting me this gorgeous and fun pink dress. The color is great and I found it to be a super comfy to wear on a relaxing Easter Sunday.  I have been a big fan of their clothes now for months and would definitely recommend you to check them out! The quality is great and they are frequently running flash sales like the Slim & Sheath Dresses Flash Sale they have going on now. If you do check them out, be sure to use my coupon code ColorsofMei to save an additional $5 off orders over $50.  You can also register on their site to receive a $25 coupon.

Photography by Brian Mattinson

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Color: Pink

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Beautiful said and absolutely gorgeous dress and outfit. I'm dreaming of a day like this soon (stuck at work). Have a lovely day x

Reply to Peta

Hi Peta :) Thank you. How's the weather where you at?

Love that color block dress! All the colors are perfect for spring!

Reply to Brittany

Hi Brittany. Thank you :)

Beautiful colors and styling! I love how the colors of the flowers bring out the colors of your dress and accessories! xx, Lindsay | Paris, Meet Boston | www.parismeetboston.com

Reply to Lindsay

That is such a pretty and different looking dress! I am attending a daytime wedding soon and this would be perfect for it. And it's not too dressy that I wouldn't be able to wear it to work so it's a great buy!

Reply to Tracy

Love the color blocked. It's such a tough pattern. But all the colors are balanced out.

Reply to Pam

This dress is really pretty on you. I like the different layers of color. It looks classy but comfy at the same time.

Reply to Kimberly

this is the prettiest dress! I love the colour block print and the vibrant pink tones! Ellie | www.scotchandstilettos.com

Reply to ellie

Love the dress! Its gorgeous! Great info here!

Reply to Corinne
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