The Colorful Umbrellas in Downton Wausau

September 16, 2016


Let me take you to the enchanting world, a city vibrant with color and imagination. Adorned with colorful hanging umbrellas, it exudes a fiesta-like atmosphere as the streets seem to come alive and fill your senses with the something different around every corner. As you meander through the scenery you hear the fantastic performing music, see the visually stunning display of arts, and are lured by the incredible smells of foods wafting towards you. No… This is not Portugal, but Wisconsin! In the heart of downtown in the city of Wausau.

I packed up my essentials and hit the road, soaking in the beauty that surrounded me. The breathtaking view of the mountain, the lake surrounded by trees, the blue sky. It was therapeutic to be so close to nature, so pure and pristine. I arrive downtown where I was welcomed by the hospitable locals and fellow cheerful tourists. The aura of this place is so contagious. I am not sure where the energy is coming from, but I swear every person I see along the road had this bright smile on their faces, that it becomes impossible not to smile back.

I chose my direction and headed to Third Street and there it was! Before me were the 300 vibrant colors of hanging umbrellas. These umbrellas are the pulse of this small town American city- and being among such a masterpiece of colors can do wonders. The dress I’m wearing from Chicwish , the flattering ankle tie shoes and the floppy brim style hat clearly matches the vibe in this city. I felt unstoppable in this super cute cropped top and A-line skirt, which made this trip even more fabulous. I feel so chic and cozy in this.

It was a little harder to take a picture since there were so many people walking around the street, but that made it feel even more like being abroad in some bustling European town. I finally made the brave choice to throw caution to the wind and pose in the middle of the busy street, giving my best happy smile.

It was a little windy too, so I took the chance to get that iconic Marilyn Monroe look. Yeah! For once I felt like a movie star! It was just so much fun that I didn’t ever want to leave this place. Wausau- your beauty has brought us joy in this weekend festivities.

Readers, I urge you to take a break from your busy life, to go somewhere and discover something exciting. And it doesn’t mean you have to take a plane or go somewhere extravagant- you can find the most surprising places in your own city’s backyard. After all, it is always fun to add some colors in your life. If you are lucky, you may find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. xoxo

Photography by Stacy Nicole Koshak

Get the look:







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I absolutely LOVE this Chic Wish top and skirt! You look amazing! Meghan | BeyondBasicBlog.com

Reply to Meghan

That's a beautiful rose pink attir! You sure are lovely!

Reply to Nelie

This entire post is so incredibly cute, I'm seriously loving all of these amazing shots. You look amazing, love the outfit but I really love those umbrellas! xx Adaleta Avdic

Reply to Adaleta

LOVE the umbrellas, and your outfit! Those shoes are especially calling my name -- just beautiful! What a fun photo shoot this must have been!

Reply to Patricia

You look gorgeous! The shoes, hat and purse go really well with the outfit! You picked a great place for a photo shoot!

Reply to Willow

Feminine & flirty - a great combo! Those umbrellas provide the perfect backdrop for pics. (PS: I love that all the bystanders stopped what they were doing to watch!) xoxo, erin | sandsunandmessybuns.com

Reply to sandsunandmessybuns.com

Hi Erin .Thank you for reading my blog and kind compliments. I know! I didn't realized that until I saw the pics lol.

I love this post!! I especially love the bystanders. I would be so nervous to take pictures with so many other people around, but you seriously nail it! That outfit is so beautiful and the setting with the umbrellas is the perfect venue for it :)

Reply to Rachel

Hi Rachel. Thank you for stopping by. I felt so awkward doing this in the first 2minutes. But my photographer was so great that she kept encouraging me to be myself. I ended up having few people taking my photos as well. What a fun day.

What a cute outfit! Love the blush tones, and the outfit is so flattering! Lovely photos as well :) xx nicole www.nicoleparise.com

Reply to Nicole

This two piece is to die for !! You are killing itttt

Reply to ruthieridley

What a beautiful dress, and these pictures are gorgeous! Looks like you had a fun time on your excursion. XO Lee Anne www.lifebylee.com

Reply to Lee

SOOOO obsessed with your shoes!!

Reply to Chelsea

Great job on this! Timeless. ❤️ You should absolutely explore the music city.

Reply to Grace

Hi Grace . Thank you so much. Tenessee is my next stop. And I'll get to see you soon.

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